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SASSA Grant Payment Dates

SASSA Grant Payment Dates

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides vital financial assistance to millions of South Africans through various social grants. Understanding the payment dates for these grants is crucial for beneficiaries to manage their finances effectively. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to SASSA grant payment dates, ensuring you stay informed and prepared.

Introduction to SASSA Grants

SASSA grants are designed to support vulnerable groups in South Africa, including the elderly, disabled individuals, and children. The main types of grants include:

  • Old Age Pension: For individuals aged 60 and above.

  • Disability Grant: For individuals with disabilities that prevent them from working.

  • Child Support Grant: For caregivers of children under the age of 18.

  • Foster Child Grant: For caregivers of foster children.

  • Care Dependency Grant: For caregivers of children with severe disabilities.

  • Social Relief of Distress Grant: Temporary financial aid for individuals in dire need, such as the R350 SRD grant introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Importance of Knowing Payment Dates

Knowing the payment dates for SASSA grants helps beneficiaries plan their monthly expenses, avoid unnecessary trips to payment points, and reduce the risk of fraud and theft. SASSA has a set schedule for disbursing these grants, which is usually announced in advance to ensure beneficiaries are well-informed.

SASSA Grant Payment Dates Schedule

SASSA typically follows a monthly payment schedule, with specific dates allocated for different types of grants. Here is an overview of the general payment dates:

1. Old Age Pension and Disability Grants

These grants are usually paid out on the first day of each month. If the first day falls on a weekend or public holiday, the payment is made on the last working day of the previous month. This ensures that elderly and disabled beneficiaries have access to their funds at the beginning of the month.

2. Child Support Grant, Foster Child Grant, and Care Dependency Grant

These grants are typically paid out on the second day of each month. Similar to the old age and disability grants, if the second day is a weekend or public holiday, the payment is made on the preceding working day.

3. Social Relief of Distress Grant (R350 SRD Grant)

The payment dates for the R350 SRD grant may vary and are often announced monthly. Beneficiaries are advised to regularly check the SASSA website or their registered contact details for updates on the payment schedule.

How to Check Your SASSA Grant Payment Date

Staying updated on your SASSA grant payment date is essential. Here are a few methods to check your payment dates:

1. SASSA Website

The official SASSA website ( is a reliable source for the latest information on grant payment dates. The website is regularly updated with announcements and schedules. You can also check

2. SMS Notifications

SASSA sends SMS notifications to beneficiaries with updated payment information. Ensure that your contact details are up-to-date with SASSA to receive these notifications promptly.

3. Social Media

SASSA actively updates its social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, with the latest news and payment schedules. Following these accounts can help you stay informed.

4. SASSA Offices and Call Centers

You can visit your nearest SASSA office or contact their call center for information on payment dates. SASSA’s toll-free helpline is 0800 60 10 11.

Tips for Beneficiaries on Payment Dates

To ensure a smooth and safe experience when collecting your SASSA grant, consider the following tips:

1. Avoid Crowds

To minimize the risk of COVID-19 and other health issues, try to avoid crowded payment points. Plan your visit for a time when it is likely to be less busy.

2. Secure Your Funds

Be vigilant and cautious when collecting your grant. Use secure payment methods, such as ATMs or approved retailers, to avoid carrying large sums of cash.

3. Keep Track of Announcements

Regularly check for any announcements or changes to the payment schedule. Unexpected changes can occur, and staying informed will help you adapt accordingly.

4. Update Your Information

Ensure that SASSA has your correct contact details, including your phone number and address. This will help you receive important notifications and updates without delay.


Understanding SASSA grant payment dates is crucial for beneficiaries to effectively manage their finances and plan their monthly activities. By staying informed through official channels and following the tips provided, you can ensure a smooth and secure process when receiving your SASSA grants.

For the latest updates and information, always refer to the official SASSA website and communication channels. Being proactive and informed will help you make the most of the financial support provided by SASSA, ensuring you can meet your needs and those of your dependents.

Remember, knowledge is power. Stay informed, stay safe, and manage your finances effectively with the help of SASSA grants.


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